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When you work for Align we actively encourage our team members to foster their individual talents within the business. We provide the culture and the leadership that encourages those with the motivation and desire to grow and thrive within each of their farm businesses in a performance based environment. We have a saying that we don’t just employ people we engage families providing a place you can call home.

We pride ourselves in being a business that values and recognises the strength of great teams, has a practical approach to all we do and constantly strives for improvement in our collaborative and performance based environment. These values are at the heart of our business approach.

The cornerstone for our team members success is great farms and infrastructure that make it easy to do their jobs safely and efficiently, so they can spend time on things that really matter. Comfortable and family friendly accommodation, quality plant and equipment and design planned farms to maximise operational efficiencies and minimising time on non-productive activities. We love how proud our staff are of working on their Align farms.

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