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Our Farms

There are five farms all within forty 40km of each other in prime agriculture area of Mid Canterbury, New Zealand. They are proudly identified by their individual signage and distinctive entranceways. We are proud to stand behind our name and showcase the best of New Zealand sustainable farming.

This cluster of farms work collaboratively with one another, providing a "self contained" farming approach.

Align Hinterlands provides young stock and winter grazing support for Align Longfield, Clareview, Jacawanda and Emilius dairy farms. Each farm is run under its own business unit and its performance monitored and benchmarked against each other.

We also benchmark our performance against other external farms operating under the same farming system to make sure we continue to operate at the top of our game.

Align Longfield and Align Clareview supply Westland Milk Products and Align Jacawanda and Align Emilius supply Synlait Milk.

Farm NameLocationEffective areaCows
Align Longfield SH1 Ealing 283ha 1075
Align Clareview Westerfield 305ha 1159
Align Jacawanda Ealing 249ha 946
Align Emilius Ealing 180ha 684
Align Hinterland Mount Somers 523ha Grazing and wintering support