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Align Hinterlands

Align Hinterlands

Hinterlands is a 505 effective hectare farm situated on near Mount Somers in Mid Canterbury.

Upon purchasing in 2013 Align embarked on and extensive re-development programme, including re-contouring, fencing and re-grassing the property into a highly efficient wintering and grazing farm.

Hinterlands now provides wintering, young stock grazing and silage for all of our dairy farms with minimal supplement and wintering having to be sourced externally. This means the cluster of five farms operated like one large self-contained unit. Hinterland objective is to grow out all the rising one and rising two year olds replacement heifers to industry weight targets, so those stock can go into the dairy herds in optimum condition and achieve the best possible milk production.


Hinterlands provides efficiencies to the group in a number of different ways, ensuring optimal feeding, health and welfare of all Align livestock and minimising our wintering expenses.

The dryland block utilises the natural rainfall to maximise grass and crop grown to support the requirements of our dairy farms.

Annually Hinterlands plants approximately 150ha of high energy Fodder Beet crop and aims to grow and cut in excess of a million kgDM, which will be used for wintering supplement.

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