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Align Longfield

Align Longfield

Align Longfield is situated on SH1 between Hinds and Ealing in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand. It was converted to dairy in 2013 and is now in its third season of production. This 283 hectare effective property is proudly farmed by Matt Bell and Finance Samantha Porter along with their newly established team. Matt and Samantha took over the reins on Align Longfield on 1 June 2015 and have already had a busy start to the season with Matt being crowned the New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year in July.

Align Longfield milks 1050 cows through a centrally located 70 Bale Rotary Cow shed. On conversion the farm was 100% re-grassed and completely redeveloped to create an operationally efficient farm layout.

All paddocks are of similar size for ease of management and the centrally located cow shed ensures short cow walk distances and 90% Centre Pivot coverage to enables optimal water application. Irrigation water is provided through the desirable Mayfield Hinds water scheme and along with supporting groundwater resources.

Longfield is an outstanding example of a best practice farming and improvements are continually being made to enhance the productive capacity of the property without having a detrimental impact on the environment. Align has made significant investment in shelter plantings and is committed to its responsibility as being a caretaker of the land.

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